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About Us

A friendly service at a fair price

We believe that an independent service can offer more to owners and their pets. We are not part of a group, but we are part of the wider veterinary family. We have many years of experience within the team and are passionate about providing a good quality, affordable service for our patients.

About us

Our Story

Milnrow Village Vets came about from a random conversation between two friends who happened to be vets. From the first conversation, it has grown to a passion to provide good quality, fairly priced care for your pets. But where? We were both working locally, so we kept our eyes open for places in the area. As luck would have it, the doctors were moving and the premises were available. So, for previous patients of the doctors, don't be nervous we are concentrating more on your animal than you!

We are a proudly independent practice, but what does that actually mean?

Most practices are either corporate or independent. A corporate practice is owned by a larger group, which may be owned by shareholders or investors. There may be tens or hundreds of practices within the group and they may be throughout the country, or even across several countries.

An independent practice is owned by the people you see here, there are no hidden investors, just the people who greet you when you visit. This means that any fees you pay go directly to the running costs of the business. These can be substantial as they include the building, staff, medications and equipment, but we do not have to pay "head office" staff. We do not have targets or quotas and we do not have anybody restricting the products we can use. We choose the products based on what each animal needs and we will work with you to treat your pet in the most appropriate way for all involved.

If you support an independent business, you are supporting a business that is locally owned, locally run and focused on providing the best care we can for the local community.  We also believe in supporting other independent businesses wherever possible.

We are proud to be in a position to offer this to the community of Milnrow and the wider area of Rochdale

Meet The Team

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